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2002 - 2020

2020, Anagnostou E, Dimopoulou P, Sklavos S, Zouvelou V, Zambellis T, "Identifying jitter outliers in single fiber electromyography: Comparison of four methods", Muscle & Nerve, DOI 10.1002/mus.27093

2020, Maniati, M., Sambracos, E., Sklavos, S., 2019, "A multi-parametric simulation study of Neural Networks' Performance for non-linear data against linear regression analysis in Economics" International Journal of Business Forecasting and Marketing Intelligence, Vol.6, No.1, pp.17 - 31

2019: Lazaridis A, Giallouros E, Sekundo W, Schroeder FM, Sklavos S, Droutsas K. Spatial Analysis of Corneal Densitometry, Thickness Profile, and Volume Distribution After Uneventful Descemet Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty. Cornea. 2019 Oct;38(10):1215-1221. 

2018: Panagiotis Zervopoulos, Sokratis Sklavos, Angelos Kanas and Gang Cheng. A multi-parametric method for bias correction of DEA efficiency estimator. Journal of the Operational Research Society · April 2018

2015: Anastasopoulos D, Naushahi J, Sklavos S, Bronstein AM. Fast gaze reorientations by combined movements of the eye, head, trunk and lower extremities.Exp Brain Res. 2015 May;233(5):1639-50 

2011: Anagnostou, E; Heimberger, J; Sklavos, S; Anastasopoulos, D. Alexander's law during high-acceleration head rotations in humans.Neuroreport 2011;22(5):239-43.

2010: Sklavos S, Anastasopoulos D, Bronstein A. Kinematic redundancy and variance of eye, head and trunk displacements during large horizontal gaze reorientations in standing humans. Experimental Brain Research. 2010 May;202(4):879-90 

2009: Sean R Anderson; John Porrill; Sokratis Sklavos; Neeraj J Gandhi; David L Sparks; Paul Dean. Dynamics of primate oculomotor plant revealed by effects of abducens microstimulation. Journal of neurophysiology 2009;101(6):2907-23.

2008: S Sklavos; D Anastasopoulos; N Ziavra; M A Hollands; A M Bronstein.Foot rotation contribution to trunk and gaze stability during whole-body mediated gaze shifts: a principal component analysis study Progress in brain research 2008;171():347-51.

2006: S Sklavos; D M Dimitrova; S J Goldberg; J Porrill; P Dean. Long time-constant behavior of the oculomotor plant in barbiturate-anesthetized primate. Journal of neurophysiology 2006;95(2):774-82.

2005: S Sklavos; Porrill, J; Kaneko, CR; Dean, P. Evidence for wide range of time scales in oculomotor plant dynamics: implications for models of eye-movement control. Vision research 2005;45(12):1525-42. 

2002: T R Hazel; S Sklavos; P Dean. Estimation of premotor synaptic drives to simulated abducens motoneurons for control of eye position. Experimental brain research. 2002;146(2):184-96.

2002: S Sklavos; A K Moschovakis. Neural network simulations of the primate oculomotor system IV. A distributed bilateral stochastic model of the neural integrator of the vertical saccadic system.. Biological cybernetics 2002;86(2):97-109.

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